Registration Confirmation

Posted by Coquitlam Minor Hockey Association on Jun 11 2013 at 01:23PM PDT

When you register you should receive a confirmation email from Hockey Canada along with your invoice/receipt. Please do not email asking for confirmation of registration as we have close to 1,000 registrants which is too many to individually reconfirm

Deposit dates for registration cheques will be on the 15th and 31st of each month so if you have submitted a cheque for payment, please ensure that the funds are available in order to avoid NSF charges. You will receive an email from Hockey Canada HCR when your cheque is posted to your account. The deposit date will be 1 – 2 days later

If you have submitted payment prior to the 15th and your cheque is not cleared on or about the 15th, then it should be in the next deposit made on or about the 30th. Please do not email asking if your payment was received unless it is still outstanding after 2 deposit cycles. Ie) you register on June 8th and mail in your cheque. If you do not received confirmation of payment by June 15th, wait until after the 30th. If you still have not received confirmation of payment and your cheque is still outstanding then please contact the registrar at that time
Thank you

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