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Posted by Coquitlam Minor Hockey Association on Mar 13 2013 at 03:39PM PDT in 2011/2012 Season

Chris Bond(head coach) & Steve Rickards – (assistant coach
I felt compelled to let you know what a absolutely fabulous job these two young coaches did this year. Not only do they set an excellent example for our boys on the ice but also off the ice.

I know Dominik enjoyed the year of hockey and felt his game improved but importantly he felt confident and secure enough to approach the coaches with questions or requests on his own. I think this is indicative of the approachability of the coaches which is so important for thirteen and fourteen year old boys. I feel that having these young coaches return to their respective associations while attending university is an excellent role model and example to our boys to do something positive and give back to the community and minor sport they enjoy. This year did not go without it’s challenges but amazingly enough things were dealt with swiftly and privately so that it did not interfere with the team as a whole. I know my son was unaware of many things that went on, which is the way it should be. I am hoping that both boys will coach again next year, and that one of our boys will have the opportunity to be coached by them again in the near future. I hope that CMHA will recognize what a positive influence these two had on our boys and encourage them to stay.

Steve Lee,Head Coach, Sean Marthinsen & Jim Maltese, Assistants and Cynthia Lee, Manager
I would like to nominate our Peewee C4 coach Steve and assistant coaches Sean and Tim and the manager Cynthia, especially the coach Steve. They all contribute hours and hours to lead the team, train the boys and organize the events. I am moved by their ardency and selflessness. Yes, they are the best!

Tony Osachoff (head coach) and Yolanda Leggiadro (team manager)

Tony: he tirelessly leads by example and encourages both the players (and parents) to respect the game, respect each other (teamwork), show good sportsmanship, work hard, and never give up! He is always the first to arrive and the last to leave, and spends a great deal of time and thought to preparing for practices and games. He gives our 4 new players (never played ice hockey before!!!) the attention and encouragement needed to develop their skills and skating (eg. will ask one of the assistant coaches to work one-on-one with a player struggling with skating drills/edges/stops during practice, and will play them equally during games). He nevertheless also challenges the more experienced players to work hard during practice (no slacking—5 pushups!) to set a good example for the others, and works on developing their skills too (positional play, drills to improve their puckhandling and skating, breakout drills, etc)… no easy task with such a dichotomy!! He uses his marathon and hockey background to coach the parents too: gives expectations of conduct for practices (arrive on time) and games (good sportsmanship) and nutritional advice (pre-game/post-game). We have seen our son (2nd year atom, 2nd year playing ice hockey) grow so much this year, both in skills as an individual, and as a team player (learning responsibility/accountability, trying to lead by example (as Captain), playing defence rather than offense because the team needs him more on D (even though it’s not his preference), working hard, losing or winning as a team … all the while having a ton of fun within this close-knit group!! He is always prepared and one can tell the thought and time he puts into practice and game preparations! Jay Turner, who has played organized ice hockey for over 50 years, commented that he has never met a more prepared coach and gives him a lot of respect for his dedication, volunteer time, and passion!

Yolanda: she has somehow managed to organize 2 tournaments for the team—one being out of town, with all the hotel bookings, etc, (in addition to organizing our own Coquitlam Atom C tournament!), managed ice changes, exhibition games, extra practices, all the regular and playoff games (a CRAZY 63 game schedule!!)… all the while managing to keep all the parents updated with game reminders and email communications. She has kept the team organized (game sheets entered personally, ref fees always ready, helping the treasurer-new volunteer- with financials, etc). She also entered the team in the All Star Best Buy contest (with a wonderful write-up, but unfortunately not enough votes online:) and the Canucks intermission mini-game .. which we won! It was a wonderful outing for the parents and the kids to meet Fin and get to play in front of 18000+ fans!! a lifelong memory for most, I am sure!! She has done an amazing job without much recognition, and we hope she gets the volunteer of the year! If the award could be shared, we would love it if both Tony and Yolanda got the recognition they both richly deserve!

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