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Posted by Coquitlam Minor Hockey Association on Mar 13 2013 at 02:27PM PDT in 2011/2012 Season

Heather Brown, Team Manager, Midget A4
Many people do extraordinary things as volunteers each year. Heather Brown was pretty much singularly responsible for the genesis of the Midget A4 team. Back in the fall, the new rules about contact created some real complexities in terms of making sure all players who wanted to play contact had a place to play. In the end were left a small group of players (less than the amount of a required team) who had dealt with being cut, missed the C draft, had no coach and were floundering. Heather single handedly created a communication structure between the players, parents and the association. Her diligence got each player to sign in to forming and committing to the team, then took that to the association. The team was formed, coaches acquired (The coaches did a great job BTW) and they were off. Heather was at each game, friendly, always with a smile on her face and always encouraging the team. FYI, Heather also created a charity bottle drive to fund a cancer patient. Please do not overlook Heather’s extraordinary efforts this season.

Heather Brown is an amazing person. I will start with just those words. I was asked earlier this season to help out with a group of Midget boys intent on Playing Midget A4. Because of the late start and the fact that there really were not enough players to field a team it was a difficult beginning. At one point the Association had to make a difficult decision to fold the team due to an apparent lack of interest. In steps Heather Brown! Heather got on the phone and called every parent. She handed out and collected player and parent commitments. She worked with everyone to find additional players and after all this effort was rewarded with the team moving forward. Did she quit there? Nope! She took it upon herself to find a job for every parent on the team and they all did so willingly. She communicates regularly, she makes sure everything is as it should be and all this from someone who told me in the beginning, “I really don’t have time to be the manager, but I will help out.” Wow, what would she be like if she had the time? I have coached for over 35 years and have had many managers, some have been great, but none of them compare to Heather. She cares about the kids, the parents and everyone else and she still finds time to fundraise for charity. If Heather does not deserve to be volunteer of the year I don’t know who does.
Kristy Kozak, Manager & Dave Wilkie , Coach, Hockey 2 C2
I would like to nominate Kristy Kozak of the H2 team…the effort and time she puts in off the ice behind the scenes is countless…not only for the team i coach but her older sons team she helps out with…our team is extremely well organized and she keeps it that way…more than a manager she has become a right hand to the staff of coaches understanding what we are trying to do each and every practice…there is not a week that goes by where we have not been on some sort of call lasting minutes to hours planning and organizing…

the second nomination i would suggest is David Wilkie…an un-sung hero that has completely put his heart and soul into hockey at CMHA…assistant to two teams…one with the H2 and another with a Predators group of young girls…David is probably the single biggest asset any head coach can have…the understanding of the game is one thing…but to be able to bring it done to the level of these young players is a gift and skill that needs to be appreciate and acknowledged…his countless hours off the ice researching drills and not just from hockey but bringing drills from other sports into hockey is incredible…without the support of this individual i would be truly lost…
Eric Hasselman…Coach, Hockey 2, C2 & Hockey 1 C2

Eric is a volunteer above and beyond. CMHA is very lucky to have a coach like him.

Eric Hasselman…Coach, Hockey 2, C2 & Hockey 1 C2
I would like our Coach Eric Hasselmann thanked. He is a fabulous coach who was committed to the boys having fun and seeing success during the hockey season. He always kept the practices and games fun with just the right amount of competitiveness. He was reliable, was compassionate, understanding and committed. We really appreciate the time he put into our team. Our son had a fabulous first experience with the league and wants to play hockey again next fall. Thank you to Eric Hasselmann. We would be so happy to have our son on his team again in the future.
Rebecca Campesato, Manager, Hockey 3
Rebecca has been a rock for the coaches, Parents, and Players on our team. Rebecca had all of our fund raising done by mid-December from doing the express mini game and Frisbee toss, arranging a bottle drive at the local bottle depot and the giants 50/50 game. Booking extra ice for fun practices and games against our rivals in H3. Rebecca helped design a practice jersey for our team with names and numbers which the kids loved! Our team had great team building activities such as pizza parties and even took in a Giants game in the BC Honda dealers suite! Rebecca has done a fantastic job at making the coaches job easier by taking care of everything, so the coaches just have to coach. I hope that next year Rebecca takes on the huge responsibility of managing a H4 team….. hopefully the one I coach!
Roger Challis, Assistant Coach, HSP – Atom C8 & Hockey 4 C3 / CMHA Sponsorship Coordinator
Roger contributed greatly to the success of our first Coaches vs Coaches night which was a great give back event for CMHA. We helped fill the shelves of SHARE at a very important time just before Christmas! Roger also took our Dodge Caravan sponsorship and ran with it…arranging for a van outside our arena complete with banner, enabling all teams to fulfill their sponsorship obligations! He has actively gone out and got more sponsors onboard with the addition of Canadian Tire which was a big hit with the initiation crowd. Some pretty proud boys being awarded stick bags, not just for the scorers but the boys who try hard, come to the rink with a positive attitude and are good teammates! As well as coaching an atom team Roger is always available for feedback, help or just lending an ear! He is a positive role model for both players and parents of our association!

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