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The CMHA strives to achieve and maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship in ice hockey and to provide a safe and positive sport environment. Our Association abides by the fair play codes set forth by the BCAHA, which can be accessed at Every participant; player, coach, referee, official, league organizer, parent or spectator has a responsibility to behave in a respectable and sportsmanlike manner. The CMHA has a progressive system of discipline, which applies to all members. Any participant(s) conducting themselves in a manner unbecoming of the Association may receive a letter of warning which is the first step in the disciplinary process.

Examples of conduct subject to discipline are(but not limited to):

• Players receiving a PCAHA Notification of Suspension for Multiple Serious Penalties
• Making inappropriate physical contact with any player, coach, official, league representative, spectator, or arena personnel
• Disputing or arguing with the decision of an official, coach, league organizer, spectator or player, whether on or off the ice
• Entering the locker/dressing room of an opposing team or obstructing their access to or exit from said room and arena
• Entering the officials’ locker/dressing room or obstructing their access to or exit from said room and arena
• Using obscene language, swearing or the use of obscene gestures on or off the ice
• Unauthorized entry to the ice surface
• Pounding or climbing on the glass
• Throwing any object onto the ice surface, into the player area(s), or at another individual
• Defacing or damaging property belonging to any individual, team, association or arena
• Refusing to leave a facility once advised to do so by any official or league organizer
• Inciting any person(s) to become involved in any of the behaviors listed above
• Any other conduct not in compliance with the requirements set out in the PCAHA Rule Book Section H(7-12) and the BCAHA Zero Tolerance Policy


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