Posted by CMHA Administrator on Nov 06 2012 at 11:58AM PST

For permission to attend tournaments you will require:

Tournament Permission from PCAHA obtained through your League Manager

You will require:

1. Copy of official HCR Roster (obtained from me)
2. Approval Letter from CMHA to attend tournament/exhibition game (obtained from me)
3. Confirmation of rescheduling of all games missed due to tournament attendance

In addition, any Tournaments (or Exhibition Games) played outside of PCAHA District or in the USA requires permission from BC Hockey which is obtained from Dave Buck –

1. Copy of official HCR Roster(same roster as used for PCAHA permission)
2. Tournament Sanction # of tournament you are attending or Official Roster of Opposing teams (for Exhibition Games)
3. BC Hockey Interdistrict Tournament/Exhibition form (attached) NB – the President’s signature is NOT required provided you include the following letter
4. Approval Letter from CMHA to attend tournament/exhibition game (same letter as used for PCAHA permission)
5. PCAHA Tournament Permission #

Please send all requests for Approval Letters to me at Please do NOT send the Interdistrict approval form the the President. The Approval Letter I give you is the Endorsement required.
Please allow at least 72 hours for Approval Letter and Roster to be emailed back to you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions

Deb Harper
CMHA Registrar/Administrator

PS – Please do not forget to refer to our website for Team Manager Info – I have also included a link to the PCAHA Manager Info Package there as well as a link to our Team Manager Handbook

The document Tournament Permission - Interdistrict/USA was attached to this post.

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