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Posted by CMHA Administrator on Oct 06 2012 at 02:23PM PDT

Each year there is some confusion over the responsibility of referee fees so I thought I would post a note to try and clarify the process:

In order to provide teams with some start up funds, when budgeting registration fees for next season, The Treasurer makes an approximate calculation for referee fees for each division based on the current information that is available. The amount for each division is then divided by the estimated number of players in each division to come up with a per player $ amount that is incorporated into the registration fees. This $ amount is then reimbursed directly back to the players via Team Funds based on the number of players on each team. As this is done on a budget based on the year before any actual referee fees are set and before we actually know how many players will register, it is an approximate amount. CMHA does not and has never actually paid referee fees for any games beyond the initial evaluation scrimmages. CMHA has always taken some money in advance in registration fees in order to return it to the team to assist them with team costs.

This year, in order to ensure compliance with certain CMHA regulations, the amounts collected preseason in registration fees will be reimbursed back to the teams in 3 separate payments. The dates of these payments will be advised once I can confirm with the Treasurer who is out of town right now but I wanted to get this information up right away.

The Home team is always responsible for the referee fees and often, during pre-season Exhibition games, there will be a collection taken up from the parents to cover fees or sometimes the coach pays the referee fees and then needs to be reimbursed from the Team account once it is set up.

I hope this clarifies the issue of referee fees and who pays them. If you need further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me or your Division Coordinator.


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