MANAGERS - Jersey Deposit Cheqes

Posted by CMHA Administrator on Oct 02 2012 at 05:30PM PDT

In an attempt to make things easier on the Team Managers, this season CMHA did a pilot program whereby we requested jersey deposit cheques be submitted with registration fees. Unfortunately that was unsuccessful and with less than 30% submitted, it was decided that rather than chase down the other 70%, we would revert to the old way of the Team Managers collecting the deposit cheques. For those of you who did submit them as requested, we apologize for the inconvenience as ALL the jersey deposit cheques received have been shredded and you will be required to issue another one.

Each player must remit a jersey deposit cheque and the Team Manager is to collect and attach to a copy of their roster and drop off in an envelope in the CMHA mailbox no later than October 15th please.

“A” players are $200 post-dated to April 15th 2013
“C” players are $100 post-dated to March 31st 2013

All jersey deposit cheques from last season have already been shredded.
Thank you for your cooperation on this

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