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Congratulations to our very own Peewee Luciano Kwon who ranked 5th out of the 140 world’s top debaters at the international debate competition “In the Heart of Europe” Luciano beat out some of the best youth debaters on the world, many whom are 17 and 18 years old.

His amazing accomplishment has garnered him much attention and he will be interviewed tomorrow morning on CBC Radio at 7:45am – have a listen to what this young man has to say.

Read the article below to see what Luciano and his parents say about debate and hockey

Please find below a recording of the CBC radio and TV interviews

1. CBC radio interview - must listen audio
To listen his CBC radio audio, you can go to the following link;
(August 21st)
Click “view in iTunes” and then you can either listen or download free on iTunes.
His audio part start from (13:00 min) to the end (21:00 min).

2. CBC TV interview link – entertaining TV interview on Aug. 21st
CBC called his school and even hockey association to find him for the interview. And his school contacted us for same day interview.

Congratulations Luciano!


2012-08-21T12:30:21-07:00August 21 2012, at 12:30 PM PDT, Carl Antonson said:

Great job Luciano! I am not surprised in the slightest that you did so well!
You are a great role model for all the kids just as you were for the team last year.

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